EP New Energies to become a part of LEAG

17. 4. 2024

LEAG reorganizes its operations to independent ‘pillars’, creates three new future oriented business units 

The EP Power Europe and the Lusatian energy company LEAG, a part of EP Transition group, have reached an agreement on the acquisition of EP New Energies GmbH (EPNE) by LEAG. EP New Energies is one of the leading full-scope project development companies in Germany. The transaction is part of the pioneering change towards a future-orientated pillar structure under the umbrella of LEAG Holding.  

EPNE will form the core of a new, legally and operationally independent division of LEAG, in which activities relating to renewable energies will be bundled. The focus will be on photovoltaic, wind, and hybrid power plants. The company will stand alongside two other new “pillars” covering the business areas of modern, hydrogen-capable power plants and large-scale battery storage as well as LEAG’s biomass activities. The three business areas will thus form LEAG’s future “green powerhouse”. 

By establishing EP New Energies five years ago, we took an important step towards transforming conventional power generation regions into a sustainable future. Since then, EP New Energies has built up and successfully developed a multi-gigawatt-scale project portfolio. Today, we are integrating renewable energies experience and expertise closer with the resources under the umbrella of the LEAG holding company,” emphasises Tomáš David, Vice-Chairman of the Board of Directors of EP Power Europe, responsible for renewables within the EPCG group. 

In line with the mission of EP Transition, the resolution underlines LEAG’s commitment to a sustainable energy future.  Three new legally and operationally independent business units are to be established under the umbrella of LEAG Holding: 

  1. Modern, hydrogen-capable gas power plants and large-scale battery storage systems,
  2. Renewable energy with a focus on photovoltaic and wind turbines as well 
  3. Biomass activities. 

The new, future-oriented organizational structure will allow LEAG to continue implementing is transition to sustainable future, react more flexibly to market needs and demands, and further strengthen its competitive position.  

The integration of EP New Energies and the bundling of hydrogen projects in the new business division for innovative, hydrogen-capable power plants mark important steps with which Germany’s second-largest electricity producer is positioning itself for the future,” states Thorsten Kramer, CEO of LEAG. 

Over the past years, EP New Energies has become one of the leading project developers for renewable energies in Germany. The transfer to LEAG is the logical next step to give the realisation of our project pipeline the decisive clout,” explains Dominique Guillou, Managing Director of EP New Energies GmbH. “In addition, together with the other new divisions of LEAG, we will be in a position to implement integrated energy supply solutions for the future.”